Recovering Files From HTC Mobile Phone – Online Guide

One look at the new HTC M8 will leave you mesmerized. This is one of the best looking phones in the market as of now. Yes, the appearance of the phone is one of the best that you will find. Moreover, the hardware and all the other features that are to be checked in a mobile phone are all top notch. So, why should you actually have to worry about this mobile phone? As a matter of fact, HTC is one of the best mobile manufacturers in the current market. So, there is absolutely nothing for you to be worried about when you think about the hardware or any other factor directly linked to the mobile phone.

Recovering Files From HTC Mobile Phone 

However, even after spending a lot of time looking into the mobile phone, and trying to find a single fault in it, you would only come across a problem. The mobile phone is top-notch, and has no problems other than the recovery of data.

The manufacturers and the engineers that has worked in order to create one of the smart phones in the current era does not have any software that can prevent the accidental or deletion of data from the mobile phone on purpose. So, what it amounts to is that you have a wonderful mobile phone, but with no technology in order to back up the data located within the mobile phone.

So, in such instances, what can you do? You have to make use of third-party applications that can help you look into the recovery of the pictures or any other media file within your mobile phone. However, there is no guarantee on the amount of recovery that will be supported by the software.

The supply and demand of the market:-

While searching for this third-party application, you shall come across the name Dr. Fone – one of the best data recovery software for android. This software can help in recovering files from HTC mobile phone with ease.

You can easily install this software on your computer which runs on Windows or Mac. Once you run this software and connect your device it will scan your mobile phone for deleted content. This will then pop out all your deleted files from your android device which you can preview and recover.

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Check out this detailed step by step guide which can help in recovering files from HTC mobile phone. How can you recover the data deleted from your HTC device?

Step 1: Download the application, and try and install it. The very first thing you need to do is to connect your phone to computer by USB cable. After that, the computer will be able to detect your HTC mobile phone, and when the automatic window pops up about USB debugging, we have to start the process.

usb debugging for android

Step 3: Analyzing HTC Phone for deleted fils – Click on ‘Next’ button to analyze the data on your device.

htc data recovery software

After Completion of analyzing the lost data, move to your HTC deives and just click ‘Allow’ popped out in the device. Also along with that click ‘Start’ on your PC so that we can have it scanned.

click allow

Step 3: The next option would be to select the kind of files that you want to recover. Depending upon your choice, you can select all the files and click on the next button. A window will pop up, which will be helping you to choose the scanning model of the storage.

dr.fone scan options

For time saving, you can opt for ‘scan for deleted files’ which would only scan your deleted files.


Step 4: After that, a window will pop up on your mobile phone. You would need to let it allow scanning the data in your mobile phone. When the scanning is commencing, it is important that you keep the mobile on and in contact with the computer. The data recovery software will be able to scan all the details.

android data recovery software

After the scanning is complete, you will be able to look at the files onto recover. Click on the displayed items, and you can mark the data as recover. The data would then be restored into your mobile phone without causing any problems.


It is always important that you keep your mobile phone by backing it up on a daily basis. So, even if you do come across such kind of problems in your mobile phone, like the accidental deletion of the data, then you can make use of such a program. This program runs efficiently and recovering files from HTC mobile phone instantly. Do try it and if you face any difficulty then let us know by commenting.

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