How to Recover Photos from Xiaomi Phones?

Lots of people use Xiaomi phones because of its fantastic photography function. But it is extremely disturbing when you lose the saved photos from your Xiaomi phone and you have no idea how to get the photos back. A Software named Android Photo Recovery is the best solution for Xiaomi Phone users. This is a easy to use Software and gives the best results. Using this software you would be able to recover all your lost pictures. Go through our step to step guide to recover photos from Xiaomi Phones.

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Recover Photos From Xiaomi Phones

Steps to recover photos from Xiaomi using the Android Photo Recovery Tool

Avoid using your Xiaomi phone and SD Card to avoid data from being overwritten or else it will be difficult to recover the photos if they are overwritten

Step 1: Download the Software Android Photo Recovery Tool, Run it. Connect your Xiaomi Phone to the PC with the use of a USB cable.

drfone android data recoveryImportant Note: You might lose the photos for ever if your phone is not properly connected, so please be careful while connecting

Step 2: Enable USB debugging, if you have never done it before ignore this step if you have done debugging before.

There are different versions of Debugging for different Android versions:

  • Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings – Applications – Development – USB debugging”.
  • Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings – Developer option – USB debugging”
  • Android 4.2 or newer: Enter “Settings – About Phone – Build number” for several times until you get a note saying that “You are under developer mode”. Then, go back to “Settings – Developer options – USB debugging”

picture of usb debugging

Step 3: Your phone will be detected after the USB debugging gets enabled, click on ‘Next’ to start scanning of your Xiaomi Phone.

htc data recovery software

Go to your phone screen and press “Allow” until it disappeared, then back to the computer and click “Start” .

click allow

Step 4: Select Gallery and then press Next.

save file format

You will now be prompted with 3 scan typesChoose Scan for deleted files to save time


Step 5: You will now get both the existing and lost Data, please select “Only display the deleted data” to see a list of only photos lost from your Xiaomi phone.


By doing the above steps of the Android Photo Recovery software, lost photos can be recovered from Xiaomi Phone. You also have the option of viewing the Photos before retrieving them, so that you can retrieve only the photos that you need and not all. Android Photo Recovery software works for all the models of Xiaomi. So going forward losing Photos should not be a worry at all. Please try the software and let us know if you face any issues, you can leave your comments below.

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28 thoughts on “How to Recover Photos from Xiaomi Phones?

  1. VIVEK kumar Reply

    How to recover deleted pictures and videos from mi phone

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Vivek,
      You can download our software and can recover your pictures and videos from Mi Phone with ease.

      • aria Reply

        I’ve downloaded this application and
        This application is only for android, do you have an application for Xiaomi ?

        • MJ Post authorReply

          Hi Aria,
          It should work with Xiaomi mobile phones too.

      • KM Reply

        I have accidently deleted photos in the MI photo. pls guide me..Thanks

        • MJ Post authorReply

          Hi KM,
          When did you loose your data?
          Just go to our home page and download our software. Install it in your computer, connect your device to your computer and follow the onscreen instruction.
          You should easily get your data back.
          If you face any difficulty with the recovery process then you can always reach out to me.

  2. Tenzin Reply

    Hi Michael,
    I have wrongly wipe out and reset my mi phone. So, can i recover the all the files too? thank u!

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Yes this software should get all your data back. Do let me know if you need any assistance.

  3. Tenzin Reply

    HI Michael,
    My Xiaomi phone data has been mistakenly wipe out and reset so can i recover all the data back through this software?
    Thank you!

  4. Anuja Mohanty Reply

    Hi !

    Can we recover whatsapp files that have been overwritten? Kindly help me out with this.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Anuja,
      Yes you can do that; if you need any assistance in it; contact me on Skype: rdominguez201

  5. nirmal pradhan Reply

    Michael, i could not get the software to detect my phone. its xiomi redmi note 3. not able to get to usb debugging.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Nirmal,
      Contact me on Skype – rdominguez201 will try to assist you there.

  6. Aayushi Reply

    I have mistakenly deleted some of my very important photos in mi4i phone.. Canupls assist me to recover it.. Its really very important

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Aayushi,
      You can download a copy of this software and can start with the recovery process following the onscreen guide. If you have any query you can let me know by commenting.

  7. Khushi Reply

    Would you help about this I got my photos deleted randomly 😭 they were very important one please help.😕

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Khushi,
      You can download our software and start with the recovery process right away; you should get your data back. If you delay the process then you might end up loosing the data permanently.

      • Aadi Reply

        Hiii i have lost my some most important pictures .how can i get all those pictures .1year is passed .so plzzzz help me out this its very important

        • MJ Post authorReply

          Hi Aadi,
          Since it is one year it is possible that your data might be overwritten but you can still try your luck.
          Download the software and start with the recovery process right away.
          If you need any help get in touch with us.

  8. Shri Reply

    Hi, My Mi phone is not restarting and when i took it to a repair shop, they said its a software issue and all the data is lost. they will install a new software, will i still be able to get the data lost after reinstalling a new software to the phone? by the above process? Kindly help.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Shri,
      Yes you will get it but do ensure that you start with the recovery process as soon as you install the software. If you continue using your device then the chance of the old data getting erased gets high.
      Let me know if you need any help.

  9. best Reply

    Hi MJ,

    I accidentally deleted the photos from my Redmi Note3. I installed the software but it could not detected my device. I need your help.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Ensure your connect your device properly and run the software.
      It should work out well; if it still doesn’t let me know.

  10. Sahil Tyagi Reply

    Will this work on hidden files that were deleted after miui update?

  11. sarath kelvin Reply

    does the process of recovering takes too long?

  12. Rabi Reply

    I tried to recover from my Xiaomi HM NITE IW phone as exactly the way it is instructed, but on dr.fone recovery console after connecting with phone device, there is a long device analysing process and when it reached 90%, its stop again repeatedly saying “Device has been disconnected”. Please advice what could be the problem?

  13. Kate Reply

    My xiaomi phone is failed to connect in the app. My phonr is getting connected to PC buy not to this app. I tried with different UE. Cables. But still not getting connected.please help.

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