How to Recover Lost Photos from Motorola Razr

One of the few phones that are famous for its sleek body and extremely good look is Morotola Razr. People who own Motorola Razr tend to click lots of photos from it because of it amazing clarity, they click photos to cherish their wonderful moments, and to view it again when ever they feel low, to relive it and get reenergized. Losing these photos could be a nightmare; it can be a extremely disturbing thing for most of them as it is something very precious.

The good news is recovering those lost photos is not a problem at all as recovering them is possible, thanks to the Android Photo Recovery tool

The best part of Android Photo Recovery tool is that it could be used with almost every Android phone. Also it can be used with all Versions of Android

Android Photo Recovery is available for both Windows and Mac users

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Recover Deleted Photos From Motorola Razr

Steps to recover lost photos from your Motorola Razr with Android Photo recovery tool

Note: Stop using your Motorola Rzar phone to avoid data from being overwritten

Step 1: Download the Android Photo Recovery tool and run it. Please use the USB cable to connect Motorola Rzar to the computer upon receiving a popup. There is a high possibility of you losing all your photos if you do not connect your phone properly hence please be careful.

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Step 2: You will now be prompted to Enable USB debugging, ignore this step if you have done debugging before else do the debugging.

picture of usb debuggingWays of USB Debugging is different for different versions of Android:

  • Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings – Applications – Development – USB debugging”.
  • Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings – Developer option – USB debugging”
  • Android 4.2 or newer: Enter “Settings – About Phone – Build number” for several times until you get a note saying that “You are under developer mode”. Then, go back to “Settings – Developer options – USB debugging”.

Step 3: The phone will be detected after the USB debugging gets enabled, select “Next” to start scanning your Motorola Rzar.

Note: If you have rooted your phone before, you have to press “Allow” on your phone screen, and them back to the pc and click “Start” on it.

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Step 4: Click on “Gallery” and then “Next


A list of both the existing and lost Data will be displayed, select on “Only display the deleted data” to see lost photos of Motorola Rzar.

scanning mode

Step 5: Preview the scanned data, and click”Recover“.


You can recover all your precious memories from your Motorola Rzar by following the simple steps using Android Photo Recovery tool. Thanks to this fantastic tool named Android Photo Recovery, life can be back to normal now. Try this tool to recover lost photos from Motorola Razr; leave comments if you face any issues.

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