How To Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message From LG Mobile?

WhatsApp has made life a lot easy to communicate with family and friends instantly online. You can always be in touch with your closed ones through WhatsApp. You can also conduct some important group discussions using this wonderful instant messenger.

What if you loose one of your important message unknowingly?

This one of the hilarious situation which can happen to anyone anytime. As a WhatsApp user you might have loaded your device with tons of images, text and videos. So you might tend to clear few of your old stuffs manually. There are always a chance of deleting one of those important messages unknowingly.

As a user you should know what should be done in such typical situation. This is were the wonderful Android Data Recovery software comes in handy. You will have complete control over this software as it offers you a trial version using which you can check your deleted file and then purchase the license to recover your valuable file.

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So here is an online guide t recover deleted WhatsApp message from LG mobile phone.

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Message From LG Mobile

Note: Before you start with the recovery process you should be aware of one thing:- Never continue using your device as soon as you notice that you miss an important file. If you continue using your device then the chance of recovering your data will be very low as the data can get overwritten.

Step 1: Download and install the android data recovery software.  Run the application and connect your LG mobile to your computer using USB cable.

htc one data recovery


Step 2: You will have to enable USB debugging if this was not done before. Follow the onscreen instruction to enable USB Debugging.

usb debugging for android

Step 3: Click “Next” to start with the scanning process.

htc data recovery software

If you have rooted your Android phone before, click “Allow” on the device’s screen. Then back to your computer and click “Start” to scan your phone.

click allow


Step 4: Select the type of file that needs to be retrieved. In this case you can select “WhatsApp Text and Attachments“.

data recovery options


Step 5: Select the scanning that you need to perform. If you need all files to be scanned then select scan all file or else you can always scan only for missing file.



Step 6: Now the scanning will continue and it will start listing down all files which are deleted. You will have the leverage to preview each of your message and then recover it.

recover contacts on iPad device


If you follow all the steps properly then there is 100% chance of getting all your deleted WhatsApp message back from your LG mobile. If you find difficultly with any of the steps listed above then do let us know by commenting.

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