How to Recover Deleted Videos From Samsung J7 Pro?

Samsung J7 Pro is a talk for a while for people when it comes to buying it. The talk in some groups was which is the best among A7, J7, J7 prime, and J7 Pro. Even most chose J7 Pro to compare the other Samsung model, others are worried if there image stabilization issues, battery issues, and its durability.

No issues were found when it comes to image stabilization, unlike A5 and A7. For the battery, it will need more juice if you use it only for gaming but overall use it’s okay.

A few complained in regards to its durability as some found it to be fragile but I think it’s due to the manufacture or other causes.

How about data issues?

Data issues especially videos rarely occurs to Android phones but for J7 Pro, no related issues were reported. And for those cases where videos are accidentally deleted and recovered were not a problem to some. As some will go to Samsung service center or they have a friend who knows how to recover deleted or lost videos.

Recovering Erased Videos can be Done at Home

It’s really possible to recover lost data at home using your computer and your J7 Pro.

You need to download and install a software Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool and some common sense.


How to Recover Deleted Videos From Samsung J7 Pro?

The steps are easy and simple as there are images present as a reference while performing the steps.

Steps to Recover Deleted Videos from Samsung J7 Pro


  • Be sure to check the life of the battery. The recommended is above 20% but make it above 50%.
  • Avoid erasing more videos as to avoid overlapping of recently deleted videos
  • Be sure that it can sync completely with your computer when it’s connected. It’s advisable to use your own computer for the process.

First Step in Recovery Process

Try to connect your J7 to your computer after launching Dr. Fone Android recovery tool. Follow the steps shown in the window or screen.

bricked phone

You will be prompted to turn on your USB debugging mode which can be located in settings. If you’re not sure, check out the reference image as a guide.

picture of usb debugging

Select the 3rd tab which is for Android 4.2 and above. The platform of Samsung J7 Pro is on OS Nougat 7.0

Choosing Data Files

Another window will appear for you to choose which data to recover. Select Videos and click next.

The usual mode to choose in this step is the standard. It is frequently used since most try to recover recently deleted data like videos.

Scanning Process

Scanning of the deleted files will take only a few minutes for retrieving a few videos, but if it’s a lot, then it will take longer than usual.

If you haven’t found the file you’re looking for, select the advanced mode instead of the standard mode as it will scan all of your files. This process takes more time but once found the videos will be recoverable in the succeeding steps.

scanning mode


On this step is where you have recovered most of the files you want. If ever you forgot a file, then just redo the steps.

It is really easy to recover deleted videos from Samsung J7 Pro following the above steps. I hope you find this article useful; do try it and if you come across any query then do let me know by commenting.

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