How to Recover Deleted Videos from Samsung Galaxy On Max?

Having a good smartphone like Samsung Galaxy On Max is definitely a great deal for the right buck. The quality of the video is great even in low light. After taking a video, you can share on social media right away.

Nowadays, most people store their files such as videos in their smartphone for later use and review. There’s no problem doing it due to large internal memory and the additional storage that can be added via SD card.

The one thing that can be a problem which rarely happens is the loss of a video file. Most people don’t know how to handle this or how easy it is to recover the lost video.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Samsung Galaxy On Max?

Download Wondershare Dr. Fone, an Android Data Recovery data software. The recovery process can be done at home using your laptop and computer. It’s easy and you don’t need anymore to go to the service center just to recover your lost video data file.


After installation, follow the process on the window guide provided.

Things needed to be checked

  1. The battery life of your smartphone must be enough as more as 20%. To be sure, have enough battery above 50%
  2. Avoid deleting any videos to prevent permanent deletion via overlapping of deleted data
  3. Checking with your Samsung Galaxy On Max and your laptop sync capability is needed.

Follow the reference images.

Connect your Samsung Galaxy On max to your computer and run Dr. Fone so that it can be identified. After identification, an instruction to turn on the debugging mode will be next. This can be found in the settings and be shown in the instruction window.

bricked phone

Select for Android 4.2 or higher

The platform of Samsung Galaxy On Max is Nougat 7.0.

usb debugging for android Choosing the Data Files to Recover

A list of data files will appear on this window and you’ll need to choose only “Videos.”

data recovery options

In standard mode, choose the first option. This option is the fastest way to recover lost video file. It will only recover recently deleted video file instead of scanning all data files on your Galaxy On Max.


If you find it difficult to find or can’t find the video file, choosing the advanced setting is the right option. It may take a long time to finish scanning but it will definitely locate your file for recovery.

As long it’s not being deleted a long time or being overlapped by recently deleted files.

Scanning and Recovery

Wondershare will scan and will only take a few minutes to do it depending on the option you choose.

After the finding, the video file, click the Recovery button.

If you ever miss any video file to recover, repeating the process is the step to take. But, make sure the software is fully registered for limitless recovering of videos.


Wondershare Dr. Fone is the best software when it comes to recovering the deleted files from your android device.

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