How to Recover Deleted Videos from Nokia 6?

Capture your precious moments with loved ones and friends using the impressive video functionalities of Nokia 6. Nokia 6 delivers high-quality video experience from its gorgeous 5.5-inch 1080p high-resolution screen display.

Watching videos has become a lot easier through the use of compact multimedia players found in most smartphones today. Nokia 6 offers you the most incredible features where you can make videos or watch them on the internet. With an expandable memory up to 256 GB, this sensational touchscreen device can easily store your videos whether you download or copy them. But wait, you still need to consider some instances where your videos can be deleted due to several possible reasons.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Nokia 6?

If you’re typically a person who loves to explore mobile phone functions a lot, you might encounter mobile phone viruses along the way. Sometimes, you can accidentally delete your videos for making careless decisions. No matter what the reasons are, there is hope if you still wish to recover your deleted videos. Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool makes it possible to retrieve the video files without any additional cost.

Before you begin, please pay attention to these important reminders:

  • The device should have at least 20% battery life. 50% is highly recommended.
  • To prevent overwriting the “recently-deleted videos,” you should refrain from deleting more videos.
  • Refrain from moving the device from one place to another while file recovery is taking place.
  • All mobile phone apps should be closed, and no phone activities should be done during the recovery period

Now, follow these simple steps in recovering your videos using Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool.

Launch the File Recovery Software


First, you need to download Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool from its official site, install it and launch the program. Activate Nokia 6 USB debugging mode to help your device get recognized when you connect it later on.

bricked phone

Check the Files Displayed by Dr. Fone

Dr. Fone Android Recovery tool automatically recognizes the device, and it will display all the files previously stored on it. Select the category “Videos” to separate the videos from others. After this, you can click on “Next” to go to the next step.

Choose the Type of Recovery Option

scanning mode

Dr. Fone Android Recovery tool provides two separate options namely “Standard” and “Advanced.” For common users, the standard mode is recommended because it’s simple and easy to navigate. Advanced mode, on the other hand, provides deeper scanning process of your device. Click on “Next” to begin the scanning process.

Recover and Transfer the Files

Wait for less than 5 minutes until the scanning process is done. After this, you will see all the videos that have been scanned in a thumbnail view. You can preview each file before making the final selection. After completing the list, click on “Recover and transfer the files to your assigned folder output.

Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool helps you recover your deleted videos fast and efficient. With more and more videos circulating around, it would be better to keep this mobile data recovery tool readily at hand.

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