How to Recover Deleted Videos from Motorola G5 Plus?

Motorola G5 Plus has a similar 12MP sensor like Samsung phones (S7 and S8) but the difference is during low light background or at night since you will notice a delay on focusing the image. You will notice a hazy or indistinct image for a while. You will notice this when taking videos as well.

motorola g5 video

For this reason, still people doesn’t hesitate to buy the cut-rate G5 Plus smartphone. It does exceed the maximum the previous G4 has to offer when it comes to 4k video resolution of 1080p at 30fps but it’s alright. A slight delay of a second to autofocus an image is pretty much okay with people as long the price is affordable.

Since it’s achievable to take nice quality videos you might want to know how to recover deleted videos. The reason for this is a lot of us take time to get the exact videos we want and the G5 plus needs a steady hand to get a great quality image or video. So, if you’re the type taking series of videos before getting the right one and deleted a video by mistake then follow the steps below to reclaim it again.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Motorola G5 Plus?


  • Discontinue further deletion of videos so that you can still recover the video or videos deleted earlier.
  • Your Motorola G5 Plus needs to be in sync with your computer for faster retrieval. If not, install necessary usb drivers.
  • Do check the battery life of your phone, if more than 50% then it is enough. If below 20% then charge your phone first.

Download and install Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android (Windows / Mac).

Step 1: Click Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android and connect the cable of your Motorola G5 Plus from your phone to your PC where the software is located.

bricked phone

Refrain from using it for now. You can check your phone later when everything is done. For connectivity problems click the “i” icon shown on the image above for help.

Step 2: When it’s connected it will ask you to enable “USB Debugging” mode on settings.

picture of usb debugging

The steps will be shown to on the image above which is “ For Android 4.2 or higher” since Motorola G5 platform is on Android 7.0 (Nougat)

Click “Next

Step 3: A list of recoverable data will be shown, check the image shown below and choose “Videos” since we are recovering videos.

data recovery options

An easier way you could do is “scan for deleted files” which is the new feature of Dr. Fone for android, then click “NEXT

scanning mode

If unsuccessful of locating your lost file then try a different scanning mode. Click the radio button under Advanced Mode. Remember this will take more time compare other scanning modes.

Follow instructions after you click “Next

Step 4: The software will start scanning for deleted video for you to check and maybe you have more videos you would like to retrieve.

To check how many recent videos are deleted, you can check at the left side under the model of Motorola G5 Plus. Look at the number right after videos to check.

Once done, click “Recover

That’s it, recovering data using Wondershare Dr. Fone for android is easy to use. Help your family member who has the same issue.

You can choose different packages depending on your needs.

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