How to Recover Deleted Videos from LG K3 (2017)?

LG K3 (2017) is not popular so far due to its specs with 1 Gb RAM and 2,100 mAh battery. Most people buy it for everyday use like SMS, calls and taking medium quality photos. Its videos are medium quality also which can zoom fine on objects, auto focus and has face detection feature like other phones.

Even though it’s slow in taking videos it can still be useful in taking one. Taking perfect videos can take time since it’s slow and in choosing which one to save can be difficult sometimes and might ended up deleting the right one. If in case you deleted a video with your new smartphone it can still be recovered by following the steps below.

Recover Deleted Videos LG K3

How to Recover Deleted Videos from LG K3 (2017)?

Need to Read First:

  • Just don’t use your phone yet like deleting files to prevent permanent deletion of your videos.
  • Your LG K3 (2017) should be able to connect to your computer like for syncing and transferring files. If not able to connect, install the necessary drivers for it to connect.
  • Check battery life and make sure it’s more than 20% to complete the recovery process.

Download and install Android Data Recovery Software (Windows / Mac) Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android and connect the cable of your LG K3 from your smartphone to your computer where the installation of the software is found.

bricked phone

Bare in mind that you should not open any apps yet especially deleting videos or any files to prevent overlapping recent deleted videos.

Step 2: Connection successful will prompt you to turn on  “USB Debugging” mode on settings once connected.

picture of usb debugging

Steps to follow are shown through the image above which is “ For Android 4.2 or higher” since LG K3 platform is on Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow). Check your battery life if it’s more than 20%.

Step 3: Recoverable data will be shown as list like on the image shown below and choose “Videos” since we are recovering videos.

A quicker way to do it is by selecting “scan for deleted files” which is the new feature of Android Data recovery tool, It only scan the most recent deleted files then click “NEXT

scanning mode

Step 4: Android data recovery tool will start scanning for deleted files for you to view and choose which videos you want to recover.

On the left side you can see how many files are recently deleted depending what data file it is. If you’re planning to recover more files you can select it and click recover. Check your battery life if it’s more than 20%.

As of now, your videos are now recovered. The best thing to do next is registering your Android data recovery for unlimited recovery. If you’re worried about the price you can choose the package which is affordable and that has lifetime updates which is more beneficial in the future. It’s hassle free for you in case you encounter the same issue again.

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