How to Recover Deleted Videos from HTC U11?

Videos from the new HTC U11 is great.

It’s perfect for capturing moments when needed.

It has a squeeze feature to open the camera and take videos right away but for now it may be hassle sometimes when it’s not adjusted at the right squeeze.

recover deleted videos htc u11

Even if the HTC U11 is a new released smartphone if you encounter issues like retrieving a lost file due to deletion then it can still be retrieved.

The retrieval process can be easily done at home if you have a laptop or computer. And it will take only less than an hour to do it.

This way you’ll be saving a ton of money and time instead of going to service centers on HTC.

Just follow the steps below.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from HTC U11?

Read Carefully:

  • What’s done is done, avoid for now deleting videos to have a probability of retrieving the videos that was recently deleted.
  • Your HTC U11 needs to be in sync with your windows computer for quick retrieval. If not, install USB drivers that are necessary.
  • Battery life is important on this process, so make sure to have sufficient battery of more than 20%.

Download and install Dr. Fone for Android (Windows / Mac) from Wondershare.

Step 1: Click or launch Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android and connect the type-C cable cord of your HTC U11 from your phone to your laptop where the software is found.

htc one data recovery

During recovery, avoid using it for now. For connectivity problems click the “i” icon seen on the image above for help.

Step 2: Effective connection will prompt you to enable “USB Debugging” mode on settings.

usb debugging for android

The next steps will be clicking the 3rd tab “ For Android 4.2 or higher” since HTC U11’s platform is on Android 7.1 (Nougat).

Click “Next” on the bottom right.

Step 3: The 3rd thing to do is to choose “Videos” since that is what we are trying to recover.

data recovery options

If you want it to be quicker, select the first standard mode “scan for deleted files” which is another great feature of Wondershare Dr. Fone, then click “NEXT.

Don’t worry If it’s not successful of locating your lost video file then try a different scanning mode. Click the radio button under “Advanced Mode.” This will take more time compared to other scanning modes.

Follow the steps or instructions after you click “Next

Step 4: The software will start scanning for deleted videos for you to look and maybe if you have more videos you would like to retrieve.

To know how many recent videos are deleted, look at the left side of the program under the model of HTC U11.

The number indicate the number of deleted files

Once you’re done choosing, click “Recover

The process has ended and that’s all you need to do when it comes to recovering a video file.

What can you say about the software?

Is there a part you haven’t understand or issues encountered?

If it’s successful, leave a comment about it and share.

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