How to Recover Deleted Videos from Sony Xperia XZ Premium?

Sony Xperia XZ Premium delivers you the best mobile video functionalities you wouldn’t ever resist. Fully armed with a marvelous 5.46-inch 2160p high-resolution screen display, there’s no way to miss watching your memorable videos and all-time favorite movies anytime.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Sony Xperia XZ Premium?

Sony Xperia XZ Premium provides all users the best options to share videos, create exciting videos or simply store them on your precious smartphone. This sensational mobile touchscreen is capable enough to download hundreds of videos from the internet. You can create backup files or transfer these videos from one storage disk to another without compromising quality. However, whether you like it or not, you can lose your videos due to several instances such as system crash, accident drops, mobile virus and incidents of file corruption.

Regardless if your device possesses awesome CPU and GPU performance, losing your videos always seems inevitable these days. If you haven’t heard of Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool, this might be the best time to discover it. It features an intuitive user interface with an impressive platform capable of retrieving your lost videos safe and manageable.

Follow these simple steps on how to recover deleted videos from Sony Xperia XZ Premium:

Before proceeding to the first step, pay attention to these important reminders:

  • Close all running mobile apps and refrain from answering calls during the scanning process.
  • Check battery power before connecting your device to your computer. Battery life should be 50% or more to sustain itself and to complete the recovery process.

Download, Install and Launch Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool


First, activate the USB debugging mode on your device for synchronization. Once you installed the program, launch it and wait for the program to recognize your device.

bricked phone

Verifying the Files

When your device and computer get connected, Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool will display all types of files found including photos, videos, and other data files. Sort all the videos you wish to retrieve by selecting “Videos” tab then click on “Next” to go to the next step.

Selecting Your Recovery Option

scanning mode

In this process, the “Standard Mode” is the default recovery option. It’s easy to operate, and scanning process runs faster. If you’re not satisfied with the scanning results, you can choose the “Advanced Mode” to check your device thoroughly.

Recovering Video Files

Click on “Start” to begin the scanning process. This may take some few minutes depending on the number of files and their respective sizes. Once the scanning process is completed, all videos will be displayed and you can check the content to verify if it’s the one you’re looking for. Lastly, click on “Recover” to retrieve the files and send them over to your output folder.

Important Tips:

  • Repeat step 2 if you ever miss some video files to retrieve earlier.
  • Refrain from moving your device from one place to another to avoid interrupting the process.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium offers you the most impressive video features no any other mobile phone device can give. That’s why it’s important to equip your beloved smartphone the best data recovery tool like Dr. Fone.

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