How to Recover Deleted Photos/SMS/Music/Videos/App from LG phone

LG phones are famous for their superb design and amazing functionality. However, sometimes you may delete some data like contact, photos, text messages by accident. There is no need to worry. You can use a LG Recovery called Dr.fone for Android to get back the lost data. It just takes a few easy steps to do it. This Recovery software supports most of popular Android smartphones/tablets like LG G2/G3. 

You can download this LG Recovery tool on to your computer and then follow the steps given below to recover the lost files on to your LG phone.


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Note: Before recovering, you’d better confirm the battery of your device is more than 20%.


Step 1: Link LG Phone To Your Computer and Enable USB Debugging

After downloading the app Android Data Recovery on to your PC, install it. Use the USB cable and connect the LG phone to the computer. You can see your phone if connected to software from the interface of software.


The app gives you a reminder so that you can enable USB debugging. There are 3 ways for different Android OS version:

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings” < “Applications” < “Development” < “USB debugging”
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings” < “Developer options” < “USB debugging”
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter “Settings” < “About Phone” < Tap “Build number” for several times until getting a note “You are under developer mode” < Back to “Settings” < “Developer options” < “USB debugging”


Step 2: Scan And Analyze your LG phone

Click on the “Next” button in order to begin analyzing your phone.

After analyzing, go to your phone, click “Allow” on your phone’s screen untill it disappear. And then click “Start” to begin scanning your LG phone. It takes some time to complete the scan. 

Step 3: Choose your needed files to scan

Just choose your needed data to scan, of course, you can choose all, then click “Next“.

Tip: You can choose to scan for “deleted files”, “all files” in Standard Mode or Advanced Mode as you need.

Step 5: Preview And Retrieve Lost Data

On completion of the scan, you will be provided with a list of files/data that have been lost or deleted. All you need to do is preview each item in the list, select the ones you want and click on the “Recover” button to get the data back on to the computer.

You can recover any of the lost data back on to your LG phone if you have backed up your phone and have the Android Data Recovery app with you. It is a time-saving as well as efficient app. Download the free version of this LG Recovery now.



45 thoughts on “How to Recover Deleted Photos/SMS/Music/Videos/App from LG phone

  1. Ranjan Mishra Reply

    not working with LG G3 Android 5.01, after 90% it says can’t recover, need to goto some root mode message or something liek that, tried that too but after 90% it just fails

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Ranjan,
      Did you try the licensed version or free version?
      Does it pop up an error or something?

  2. Dean Reply

    Tried to run program, but keeps asking me to run the program as an administrator. Please help. I have memories on my phone i can’t see disappear. Please help.
    I have an LG G2.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Dean,
      You will have to run the application as an Administrator. Try to log in as an Administrator and then try to run the application.

      • Sung Reply

        How to login as an Administrator?

        Is there any different between free and licensed version?

        I want to buy once I see the list of deleted version.

        But I it was failed because root login.

        I’m using MAC 10.10.3 with LG G3 (5.0).

        • MJ Post authorReply

          Hi Sung,
          If you are using a guest account to run this software then it is advisable to try using the admin login.
          Free version has only limited options but if you really need all your deleted information back then you should certainly go for the licensed version.
          Do let me know if you need any further assistance.
          Good Luck

  3. Sung Reply

    Could you confirm that the sw support Android 5.0?

    Some of sw like Tenorshare does’s support unroot for above 5.0.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Yes the Licensed version will cost you that much. But it works like charm to recover all your information.

  4. Niki Reply

    I was in the middle of an audio recording and had just paused it (not yet saved) and the phone rang. Once I hung up I went back to the recording and it had disappeared. Is there any way to recover this?? 1.5 hours of recording 🙁

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Niki,
      If this information was stored on to your mobile and then got erased then there is a chance of retrieving it. If it didn’t get saved then it is not possible.
      You can try our trial version to see whether it recovers your deleted files.

  5. tatiana Reply

    after offering me the FREE TRIAL, scanned my phone and find what i was looking for, it doesn’t let me recover unless registering, but i find no place to register… help, please!

  6. Sweets Reply

    I lost all my music and videos and ringtones…help?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      You can certainly try our software to get all your music and videos back.

  7. Stefan Reply

    Hey,i did all of these steps and when i press recover it sais that the photos were saved in a folder of mine but bhen i go there,no photos were saved

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Stefan,
      Can you see the output path given in the software itself?
      Can you try to do it again if it still doesn’t work can you share your screen through team viewer?

  8. Brian Reply

    I’ve connected my phone and turned on USB debugging mode
    but it won’t recognize my phone and stuck on “Identify your Device”
    Whenever I press “Open? Next…”, it tries to connect but comes back to the same page of Identify your device and not recognizing my phone

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Brian,
      Can you ensure that there is no issue with the USB Cable and it gets connected properly?
      If it doesn’t then it won’t proceed further.
      Also double check whether the USB Debugging is Enabled.

  9. john Reply

    it works on mine perfectly, i rooted my phone first and install superuser.. then follow the process and i recover it…

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Glad you got all your deleted data back.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Yes Paogasm,
      If you haven’t continued using it for long after factory reset then it should work.

  10. Lauren Reply

    Does this work with LG G4’s? And if not, do you know where I can find help?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Lauren,
      Yes it does work perfectly fine on LG G4.

  11. Kdub Reply

    I accidentally deleted my camera album from my g3. I haven’t backed up my phone before and I don’t have an sd card mounted. I pressed cancel as it was deleting but the album is still gone. Will this work for me?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      You can still recover the deleted information from you mobile phone. Start with the recovery process right away.
      Let me know if you need any help.

  12. Michele Reply

    I have an lg41c ive been google locked out. Was told i have to factory reset. I am afraid to do this because I cannot lose the contacts, pics, video, texts, or voicemail on this phone. Will this software recover all of these things? I’m not sure if it is rooted or if info has been backed up.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Michele,
      You don’t have to worry it does take care of everything. You should get all your data back so start with the recovery process right away.

  13. Elizabeth Reply

    Hi, my 5 year old was playing with my LG2 while on the lock screen and he accidentally restarted my phone. I didn’t have my files backed up. I lost all my apps, pictures, and contacts. Is there anyway I can get them back?? Help please

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Liz,
      Do start with the recovery process right away.
      You should get all the data back.

  14. Kate Reply

    Can anyone please help me get my memo back? I accidentally deleted my two important notes and i really need it. Please help. How can i get it back?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Kate,
      Connect your device to the comp and start with the recovery process.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Yes it does work for all version of Android Device.

  15. hw Reply

    Does this program work even if you phone will not power on?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Yes it works fine even on phone which is bricked.

  16. bicky Reply

    hi i have lost my data so i want to recover all of them it is possible i have lg p705 p mobile

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Bicky,
      Download the software and start with the recovery process now.

  17. Win Reply

    It’s been a day since my phone reset. I have my contacts synced back, but that’s about it. Can I still recover my photos?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Win,
      yes you can certainly recover the photos but do understand that this is a paid software but you can try the trial version before you actually purchase the premium version.

  18. Gerald Duke Reply

    I have purchased the recovery program but cannot get past the trial version. I have an LG but find the program can only be used for Samsung. I have deleted photographs in error. What next?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Gerald,
      Nope this is not just for Samsung… This software will work with all device which works on latest version of android.
      If you need any support; you can contact me on Skype – rdominguez201

  19. Erin Reply

    Hi does this data recovery option work on LG Lancet smartphone? Windows PC.

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