How to Recover Deleted Photos from Sony Xperia XZ Premium?

Catch every special moment with loved ones and friends using the highly imposing multimedia features of Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Equipped with an elegant 19-mega pixel camera, Sony Xperia XZ Premium delivers you high-quality images straight from your 5.46-inch 2160p crystal-clear screen display.

With the inception of high-tech smartphones today, sharing pictures with anyone becomes a lot easier. You can take pictures anywhere, store them through your expandable storage disk or share them on different social media platforms instantly. What makes Sony Xperia XZ even more interesting is its stunning 19-mega pixel camera along with other distinctive features such as touch focus, face detection, HDR, panoramic view and more. Your pictures will definitely look natural and meaningful if you have all these exciting camera features found on your device.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Sony Xperia XZ Premium?

Despite these incredible features from Sony Xperia XZ, your picture files will always be at risk to get lost or deleted for several reasons. You lose the pictures when you accidentally delete them or when the device is fatally attacked by a virus. However, you still have the rare chance to recover these lost pictures with the application of Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool. Discover how you can utilize this highly reliable software in retrieving your deleted photos through these easy steps:

Installing Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool


You are required to install Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool after downloading it. Be sure to activate the USB debugging mode to connect your device to your computer. Wait for your computer to recognize the device.

bricked phone


  • Use the OEM USB cable connector for optimum performance
  • Maintain 20% battery life to complete the entire recovery task. Having 50% or above battery power ensures full completion of the recovery process.
  • Mobile apps should be kept closed at all times.
  • Answering calls during the recovery process is not advisable.

Verifying the Image Files

data recovery optionsWhen your device is fully connected, Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool will list down all file types stored in your device including videos, messages and contact information. Click on “Photos/Images” to display the pictures only then click on “Next” to proceed.


  • Refrain from deleting additional pictures once your device has been connected.

Choosing Your Desired Recovery Mode

Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool will present two types of recovery option namely “Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode.” Standard mode is highly recommended since this mode is easier to handle and scanning time is faster. If you’re not able to find the pictures you want to recover, Dr. Fone will automatically check your device again using the advanced mode. Advanced mode runs slower than the standard mode. To begin the scanning process, click on “Start.”

Scanning and Recovering the Deleted Photos

Scanning time will take a few minutes to complete the process. All scanned images are shown in a thumbnail view. You can check each file before making your final list. Once the selection is completed, click on “Recover” and transfer the pictures straight to your output folder.


  • Repeat step 2 in case you missed a specific file during the scanning procedure.

Refrain from checking your phone for messages or alerts.

Since a lot of people are very active in sharing and collecting pictures, it is always important to install an efficient picture recovery software like Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool.

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