How to Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung J7 Pro?

Due to the fast releases of new version models of smartphone from Samsung, sometimes it is confusing which unit or model to choose. Most are confused which J series is better and affordable.

The J series that most people are considering is between Samsung J7, J7 Prime, J7 Pro. The A series is considered which are A5, A7, and A8 but which is really preferred, worth your money and no issues?

The basis that most people look at is the camera, battery, and price. For the camera, some of the J series and A series have image stability issues except for the J7 Pro.

The J7 Pro is great with less bezel at the sides and larger screen. The size is just right and the photos taken improved when compared to the other J versions/series.

The J7 Pro has fewer issues compared to other series, but problems like deleted images or lost images can sometimes happen like accidentally deleting the wrong photos.


To recover such photos, what you need is Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery Tool.

“Before I usually go to the service center to recover lost file, but upon using the software, I saved a lot of money and retrieved my images at home.”

Things you should have for the Recovery Process

  1. Computer or Laptop
  2. Samsung J7 Pro and its USB cable
  3. Internet
  4. Download the software Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool

Things to do First before Recovery

  1. Have your Samsung J7 Pro charged at a minimum of 20% or better above 50%
  2. Check first if your J7 Pro can be synced to your computer without any problems.
  3. Deleting other photos and other data must be done after the recovery process so that it won’t overlap recently deleted images.

How to Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung J7 Pro?

Step 1: Dr. Fone Android Recovery Software

htc one data recovery

Connect your J7 Pro to your laptop/computer using the USB cable. Launch the Android recovery tool and follow the window guide.

usb debugging for android

Turning the USB debugging mode is the next step, don’t worry it’s easy and you have a reference image as a guide to help you.

Select the third option “for Android 4.2 and above.” You already know this since J7 Pro is on Nougat 7.

Step 2: The Data Files

data recovery options

The next window will be showing you different data to recover such as messages, videos, images, and more. For this recovery step choose Gallery.

Standard Mode

The standard mode is the fastest since your only recovering recently deleted images.

Advanced Mode

This option is reserved for an image file that is not found or not visible using standard mode.

Step 3: Scanning Process

The next part of the recovery process is scanning the deleted files (images) that can be found. Once done, select the image or images to retrieve then click the Recover button.

End Recovery Process

If you find that there are some images, you failed to retrieve then just redo the steps.

Register the full version of the recovery tool for unlimited recovery. The software has a lifetime subscription which you can take advantage

6 thoughts on “How to Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung J7 Pro?

  1. Gui Ann Flor Quila Reply

    what if the photo i accidentally delete are save at my secure folder the Samsung updates app. Is this application can still use for retrieving the deleted photos?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Gui,
      Yes it can still recover the data however you should run the recovery process soon. If you delay it then there is high chance of loosing your data permanently. So start with the recovery process right away and if you need any support you can always reach out to us.

  2. nelly mkhasibe Reply

    looking for deleted pictures on the 6 february 2017

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Nelly,
      Download our software install it and follow the onscreen steps to recover your data.
      You should get your data back.

  3. Dave Allen Reply

    Hi MJ,

    I ran the program and the scan failed. It suggested I root the device, which I did, but it says my Samsung Galaxy S7 Pro is not supported.

    Any ideas?


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