How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung A7 (2017)?

Samsung A7 2017 version has improved itself from its build quality and design. Actually,  compared to the previous version this is the only part where it shines. The 2016 A7 model has better GPU and CPU performance over the latest.

Although, the pixels are higher now up to 16MP, but the question remains if it has improved its image stability, zoom capability, and whether sensors are good under low light conditions.

The images are still taken in good quality but is this the only thing to worry about?

Do anyone of you experienced lost or a deleted photo?

This instance may rarely happen, but due to the demand especially for teens taking or saving pictures for social media uses, this is critical to them.

Do you think a photo once deleted whether accidentally will be hard to recover?

Actually, it’s not, even if its a popular brand like Samsung or not still recovering an image is easy nowadays. What you need is only Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool.


Dr. Fone software has proven to recover all of your images in easy steps.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung A7 (2017)?

Download and install Dr. Fone Recovery tool and prepare your A7 and its cables.


First Step in Recovery

Connect your A7 using its cables to your laptop or computer and launch the Android data recovery tool.

bricked phone

A window will pop up where you can see instructions for you to follow visually in case you may seem to have a hard time to follow.

picture of usb debugging

Follow the next step which is turning on the USB debugging mode. The third menu tab will be the most likely choice since Samsung A7 2017 is on Android 6.0 or 7 depends if you have updated it.

Choosing a Specific Data File

On this step, you will be choosing Gallery. There are other data you can choose from, but on this topic, we are only trying how to recover images.

data recovery options

Standard Mode

scanning mode

This is the most likely chosen step since most people will recover recently deleted files. It’s faster compared to the other mode which is the Advanced mode.

The advanced mode is only useful when you can’t find a specific file you are looking for. But take note, this will take more time.


Scanning will take place on this step after which just select which photo to recover then click the Recover button.

In cases, you have missed a single photo to recover than just redo the process and the second time will be must faster since you’re familiar with it.

Note: If ever you seem to have difficulty locating an image or can’t locate it at all, redo the step again and select the Advanced mode.

You need to have a full registration if you’re recovering multiple files not just for this purpose but for future recovery as well. One might not know when you might need to recover a photo again.

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