How to Recover Deleted Photos from Nokia 6?

Nokia 6 provides worldwide Nokia fans the most spectacular mobile phone features to watch out for. Furnished with an imposing 5.5-inch 1080p high-resolution mobile display, it becomes so easy for all users to enjoy captivating pictures from Nokia 6.

Since many people are really active on social media and other communication platforms, sharing photos has been a normal thing. Using their mobile phones, people are able to download photos from the internet or to transfer multiple image files from one source to another. Adding to this, Nokia 6 features a striking 16-mega pixel camera combined with interesting options like touch focus, face detection, and panoramic view functions. No wonder if the new generation of mobile phone users gets hooked in collecting memorable pictures for keeps.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Nokia 6?

Despite these incredible advantages of most smartphones today, incidents of deleted photos due to several reasons are still inevitable. You can lose your pictures from a system crash, accidental file deletion and virus attacks. There are thousands of free mobile data recovery tool out there, but many of them are either “free to pay” or ineffective. Luckily, Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool offers you the best-performing features you can’t find from other recovery tools.

Learn the basics of using Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool through these simple steps.

Install Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool


Once you download the software, install and launch the program on your computer. Prepare your USB cable and activate the USB debugging mode of your device to synchronize it with your computer. You can proceed to the next process when the device is recognized.

bricked phone

Check the List of Files to be Recovered

Dr. Fone Android Recovery tool provides a huge file listing showing all file types including pictures, documents, contact information and others. Select “Photos/Pictures” for better viewing then click on “Next.”

Select Your Desired Recovery Option

scanning mode

In this process, Dr. Fone will require you to choose between “Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode.” Standard mode is easy to operate while the advanced mode offers more file scanning options. Advanced mode is also recommended if you are not able to see the files you wish to recover after performing the standard mode.

Start Scanning

Click “Start” to begin the scanning process. This may take some few minutes depending on the number of files. After a while, you will see the list of scanned photos in a thumbnail view. Select each file that you want to recover and click on “Recover” to start retrieving the files.

Organize Your Files

After recovering the files, you can transfer them to another storage device or copy them again in your Nokia 6.

Important tips:

  • Refrain from deleting pictures while the recovery process is taking place.
  • Repeat the process from step 2 if you ever miss any photo file during the recovery period
  • No running applications during the recovery stage
  • Maintain 20% to 50% battery life while performing the operation

Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool has the best solutions to restore your deleted photos without compromising your mobile security settings. Stop worrying about your lost pictures and allow Dr. Fone to take over the chores.

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