How To Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Samsung’s flagship phone which was launched recently had gained lot of popularity because of its stylish edge. It is one of the top tiered smart phone which offers some excellent features. High pixellated 16 MP camera is one of its best features which is mostly appreciated by all camera freaks.

As an user you might be addicted to click and store lot of pictures on your mobile. What if you end up loosing all your photos because of some technical issues or deletion of picture by mistake?

Those might be unavoidable situations which you might not be prepared off. So as an android user you should know what you need to do if you come across such a situation. We will need a third party application to do this task and this is were Android Photo Recovery software comes in handy. Now lets see how you can recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge using android photo recovery tool.

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Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Step 1: Run Android Photo Recovery software – connect your device to your computer as soon as you see the below popup.

htc one data recovery


Step 2: Enable USB debugging; if you have already done it then you don’t have to do it else you will have to enable USB debugging.

usb debugging for android


Step 3: You will prompted with a screen to scan your device. Click on “Next” and it will start scanning your device and lists down the info about your device.

htc data recovery software

Click “Allow” on your phone screen to allow the program Superuser authorization on the screen of your device before the scan, then back to the computer and click “Start“.

click allow

Step 4: Now you will get a screen asking you to select the type of file that needs to be recovered. In this case you need to select on Pictures; you can also recover other type of files too.

data recovery options


Step 5: Select the right scan option for you; here I would recommend you to scan only for deleted files to save a lot of time.



Step 6: This software will scan your device and will list down all your deleted photos. You can preview them and can then retrieve them.



Following this seven simple steps you can recover all your deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.  This android photo recovery software is highly user friendly. You should download the free trial version of this software to experience its wonderful features. Do try it an if you face any difficulty then do let me know by commenting.

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24 thoughts on “How To Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

  1. Andrea Straker-Smith Reply

    I get a message “Currently data recovery from your device is not supported. If you still want to retrieve your data, please root your device first”. There is a button to select for a guide on how to root but I am led to this site.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Andrea,
      Did you use to mobile for long after loosing your data?

  2. Halima Shehu Reply

    Hi, I don’t know why I can’t open the application with my phone. My phone is Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Please I need help.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      This is for your computer… Install this software in your comp and follow the recovery process.

    • Louis Reply

      Accidentally deleted a file a pictures on my Samsung Galaxy S6 how do I retrieve them

      • Francisco Reply

        Just download and try. Following the steps you will know how to recover deleted photos.

  3. Alfredo V. Regis III Reply

    will this work also on the photos that went to PRIVATE MODE?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Yes it does work with photos that are secured on locked.

  4. Safa Reply

    What about the pictures that are found in the scan, but I can’t see a preview of them. It means that there are some pictures but I can see what pictures they are.

    Will I be able to recover them if I buy the software?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Safa,
      Yes you certainly can recover all the data which are listed in the preview section.
      If you need any help then do let me know.

  5. Aeon Abadeh Reply

    Hi dear Michael
    Thank you very much for your advise.
    Unfortunately the recovery mode didn’t work on trial version.
    Thanks again

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Aeon,
      Yes you can retrieve the data in trial rather the trial just shows the data that got deleted. In order to recover it you will need a license; if it is a valuable data then go ahead and purchase the software and get the data back.
      If you need any help then feel free to get in touch with me.

  6. Gerard Reply

    Does this also work on a standard Galaxy s6 (not edge) & do I need to pay for software to root my mobile first? Thanks for your help.

    • Francisco Reply

      Yes, it supports Galaxy S6. You need to pay if want to use full functions of the software.

  7. mayuri Reply


    I recovered the picture, but its not the full picture. its a thumbnail. anyway I can recover all the pictures?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Mayuri,
      Did you use the licensed version of the software or you used the trial version? Please get in touch with me on Skype for assistance – rdominguez201.

  8. Kadri Reply

    MJ good evening,
    I just found out about this software and i have download and install it on my mac. The problem am having is that the software wos unable to root my phone, please i need help on this because of the info on my phone, if not i will be out of school. Please reply thanks.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Kadri,
      Can you tell me what is the issue and what would you like to recover? Can you provide me more details on this?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Jodie,
      Are you using the premium version of the software? If not you should purchase the licensed version of the software to recover the data.

  9. Kim Jolley Reply

    Was trying to tranfer pivs from phone Galaxy Edge to computer and it started transferring from computer to phone.
    I deleted but accidentally deleted all photos.
    So much advice on which recovery programme to use?
    Need my photos back for my online shop.
    Cannot believe they have all gone!!!

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Kim,
      You can certainly try our software; just download it and follow the onscreen instruction and you should get your data back.

  10. Gargi Garbyal Reply

    Hi I have trouble completing the process. How can I get in touch at another platform?

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