How to Recover Deleted Messages from Samsung A7 (2017)

When it comes to messages, you won’t have an issue if you’re using Samsung A7 (2017). Most likely you’ll be facing issues more in the battery, photo, and its update.

But there is one common issue:

Messages are important to us on a daily basis but during busy times, there are instances we accidentally delete an important message.

I went to a party and man.. I was totally drunk. I got a message from my boss on something, but I think I recalled I deleted it.”-Joe-

That’s one funny way of an example we delete a message, and most of us don’t know what to do to recover it. Most of us will go to a service center right away to recover it, but the risk of exposing your privacy is high.

So, what Joe did was:

He went home and called a friend since the service centers in his area are closed. He was instructed to download and install Dr. Fone Android Recovery tool.


How to Recover Deleted Messages from Samsung A7 (2017)

Steps he followed:

Step one of Recovery Process

Connect your Samsung A7 (2017) to your laptop and follow the guide when you launch Dr. Fone Android Recovery tool.

bricked phone

Turning the USB debugging mode will be shown to you and just follow it. Most likely choice will be the third menu since A7 (2017) is on Android 6.0 or 7 depends if you have already updated it.

picture of usb debugging

Note: You must have a battery life of more than 50% or sufficient enough but not less than 20%. Make sure your Samsung A7 can be synced with your laptop. Avoid deleting more messages or using your smartphone to prevent overlapping of recently deleted files.

Choosing Lists of Data File

This option lets you choose which data file you will select and on this step you can definitely choose other data besides Gallery (for photo).

data recovery options

Standard Mode

scanning mode

This is the option you will most likely choose when it comes to recently deleted files. It much more quicker compared to the Advanced mode.

The advanced mode, although much slower, can definitely locate a file and recover it if you can’t find using standard mode.

Final Step for Recovery

android data recovery software

Scanning will take place here, and each file that was recently deleted will appear one by one. Select which file you have chosen or if you are not sure to try to recover it all.

Note: make sure to register your software for the unlimited recovery process fully.

Instances where you have forgotten a file to recover, just redo the steps afterwards.

“Glad my friend recommended me this software, it was easy and can be understood right away. I thought I’d be fired or reprimanded by my boss but glad it didn’t happen”-Joe-

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