How to Recover Deleted Messages from Nokia 6?

Released on the global market in 2017, Nokia 6 defines what an awesome smartphone experience is all about. Catch its premium touchscreen functionalities, 4G wireless connectivity, and remarkable audio features right at your fingertips.

Storing thousands of text messages has been a daily routine for an average Nokia user. Nokia 6 has the full capacity to secure tons of private messages and other valuable information such as call history, contact lists, weekly plans and minutes of the meeting. Despite Nokia’s comprehensive list of features, there will be inevitable circumstances where you can accidentally delete your messages or get your messages lost in an instant. Do you think messages once deleted can no longer be recovered?

How to Recover Deleted Messages from Nokia 6?

Just like other important files you store in your precious Nokia 6 device, messages may get lost due to mobile phone viruses, system device malfunction and intentional deletion of messages by other people. If you haven’t heard of Dr. Fone Android Recovery tool, you probably be thinking of such a gigantic problem right in front of you.

Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool is an easy-to-navigate software tool designed to retrieve all lost messages in a few minutes. Discover how you can easily restore the messages using these simple-to-follow steps:

Install the Software


Download, install and launch Dr. Fone Android Recovery tool on your computer. You need to activate your Nokia 6 USB debugging mode to connect it.

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Your Nokia 6 should have at least 20% battery life to complete the entire recovery process. 50% battery life is highly recommended. It is also recommended to use an OEM USB cable only for better performance.

File Selection

Once your device is fully connected, Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool will display all the files that can be restored including music, videos, documents, and others. Click on “Messages” to sort out the messages and then click “Next” to proceed.

File Recovery Options

scanning mode

Dr. Fone presents two recovery options namely “Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode.” Standard mode is recommended for most users since it’s faster and more convenient to operate. However, if you can’t find the messages you want, the advanced mode can thoroughly scan your device. Click on “Start” right after.

Recover the Files

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Scanning time will vary depending on the volume of messages you wish to recover. After the scanning process is completed, you can view and select the specific messages displayed on screen then click on “Recover.” Transfer the recovered files to your assigned folder output. If you miss any important message to retrieve, simply repeat step 2.


  • Refrain from deleting messages while the process is ongoing to prevent overlapping of recently-deleted files.
  • Close all mobile phone apps before you begin the recovery process.
  • Keep your Nokia 6 connected to your computer at all times (zero movements if possible).

If ever you deleted some of your valuable messages whether by accident or not, Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool is here to resolve the issue. Besides messages, you can also use Dr. Fone to retrieve videos, images, audio files and a lot more. I hope this article helps you to recover deleted messages from Nokia 6 using one of the best Android Data Recovery software.

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