How to Recover Deleted Messages from LG Q6?

Common problems with buying any new smartphone are to recover any deleted data file (example messages). Having the new released LG Q6 is not an issue for retrieving any messages. Even though it’s just released, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible to retrieve it.

recover deleted messages LG Q6

Deleted messages rarely happen which is why a concern for the most not tech savvy person. If you go to a service center, it’s expensive just to retrieve a data file. They will include and mention something you haven’t heard before. Regards to the cost, it’s expensive for a process which can be done at home.

Recovering your messages is easy and can be done actually at home.

All you need only is a Laptop/PC and software (Android Data Recovery Software).

Follow the steps below for complete recovery.

How to Recover Deleted Messages from LG Q6?

Read First:

  • Messages deleted recently are overlapped when you delete other messages, don’t use your phone yet or try to delete new messages.
  • Be sure to check if your LG Q6 can be synced with your computer.
  • The recovery process will be completed when you have more than sufficient battery life of 20%.

Download Android Recovery Software (Windows / Mac) and install Wondershare Dr. Fone.


The software is free and if you use your free trial can recover only limited data (messages). Register for unlimited retrieval of data files.

Step 1: Launch the Android Recovery tool, connect the USB cable of your LG Q6 from your phone to your laptop where the software is found.

bricked phone

It’s not advised to open apps while doing the recovery process to achieve complete recovery of your deleted messages. So don’t try any android management software.

Step 2: Achieving successful connection will then opt you to turn on your “USB Debugging” mode on settings.

picture of usb debugging

Since your LG Q6 platform is on Android 7.1.1 (Nougat), then opt “ For Android 4.2 or higher” as what you can see in the photo above then click “Next” after.

scanning android

After successful connection just click “Next” and try to look again if your battery is above 20%.

Step 3: Data file list will be shown for you to select which data you are going to retrieve,  just select  “Messaging” by clicking the box beside it, then click “Next.”

data recovery options

Another feature will make it more faster by choosing “scan for deleted files” of your Android Data recovery tool for a quicker recovery process.

then at the bottom right, click “NEXT.

Step 4: Scanning will only take a few minutes while waiting check out the left side portion.

Under the model of your smartphone, look for messages and see recently deleted ones.

After browsing, tick the small box beside the deleted data to recover it. Once finished, click the Recover button at the lower right.

As of now, you’re able to retrieve the files. If you miss some files to recover, just repeat the same process above.

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