How to Recover Deleted Messages from Honor 7x?

Enjoy the premium features of a high-end smartphone found in a more compact, more stylish mid-range handset. Honor 7X is powered by Android 7.0 and a reliable HiSilicon Kirin 659 processor, surpassing other mid-range touchscreen brands today.

The 2017-released Honor 7X is armed with a broad range of exciting features, designed to accommodate smartphone users with a limited budget. Despite the presence of heavy competition on the market, Huawei still found a way to reduce the Honor 7X’s selling price by $50. Apart from this, wider storage options are provided which include an internal memory of 64GB and an expandable storage up to 256 GB. Definitely, there’s a considerable amount of storage space available to keep your private messages and contact information intact.

How to Recover Deleted Messages from Honor 7x?

Despite these innovative features, there’ll always be unforeseen events wherein your messages may get lost or deleted. Your precious device is prone to virus attack when you frequently download videos and apps from untrustworthy sources. Messages are also expected to be deleted when you encounter systems crash or restore your device to its default setting. Luckily, data recovery tools are now available online to help you retrieve your lost messages and other valuable information.

But only Dr. Fone Android Recovery tool has been proven to recover your private messages without compromising mobile phone settings and privacy. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to recover deleted messages from Honor 7X safe:

First, you need to pay attention to these important tips:

  • Before connecting the device, it should have at least 20% battery power to sustain itself during the process. 50% battery power is more sufficient.
  • Close all mobile apps and refrain from answering calls when the recovery process is taking place.
  • Avoid deleting more messages when your device is already connected.

Step 1: Installing Dr. Fone Android Recovery Tool


After you have downloaded Dr. Fone Android Recovery tool, launch it and connect your device using the USB cable. Activate the Honor 7X’s USB debugging mode to synchronize it to your PC.

bricked phone

Step 2: Verifying the Messages to be Retrieved

Dr. Fone Android Recovery tool will now display all the files previously stored on your device. Sort them by clicking the “Messages” button to show only the messages then click on “Next” afterwards.

Step 3: Selecting Your Preferred Recovery Option

scanning mode

In this step, the software requires you to select the recovery option between “Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode.” If you are a first-time user, choosing the standard mode is recommended since it’s more convenient to use and faster to learn. If you need to perform a deeper mobile phone scanning, the advanced mode is recommended. The advanced mode is helpful to recover earlier stored messages.

Step 4: Recovering the Messages

android data recovery software

Click on “Start” to start on the recovery process. Scanning will run for a few minutes according to the volume of messages. After the scanning is completed, you may check the messages one by one then create the final list of messages to be recovered. After creating the final list, click on “Recover” and transfer the messages to your output folder. Simply repeat step 2 if you wish to do the recovery process again.

Smartphones are now equipped with the best OS platform and necessary features which make them more vulnerable to system malfunctions, so it’s better to keep a reliable tool like Dr. Fone Android Recovery tool at hand.

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