How to Recover Deleted Files from Huawei Android phone

Data loss is the common issue that most of the people face these days. Most users may feel helpless while losing their important files on their Huawei Android phones, like Huawei Ascend. They are asking whether it is possible to restore the lost files from Huawei android phones or tablet. The answer is definitely yes.

Wondershare Dr. fone for Android is the first Android recovery tool in the world. By using it, you can recover your deleted text messages, photos, videos and other data from Huawei android devices with only a few clicks.

Besides Huawei phone, Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android supports varies kind of Android smart phone such as LG, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, etc. And it can be set in multi-languages including German, English, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian according to your condition.

Let’s go and follow the below steps.

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First of all, you’d better stop using the android phone and tablet once you realize that files are deleted. This is because that the new files could be saved over the space of deleted files and make them unrecoverable. Now, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Connect your Android device to your computer

Install and run Dr. Fone for Android, then connect your Huawei device to the computer via an USB cable. Please DO NOT start any other Android phone manager during the recovery time.


Step 2: Enable USB debugging

If you have enabled USB debugging on your Huawei phone before, go to step 3 straightly. If not, follow the below 3 ways to enable USB debugging according to the different Android OS version:

1) For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings” < “Applications” < “Development” < “USB debugging”
2) For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings” < “Developer options” < “USB debugging”
3) For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter “Settings” < “About Phone” < Tap “Build number” for several times until getting a note “You are under developer mode” < Back to “Settings” < “Developer options” < “USB debugging”


Step 3: Analyze and Scan the data on Huawei

Connect your phone to the computer again. Click “Next” to start analyzing the data on your Huawei phone.

After analyzing, you need to allow the program Superuser authorization on the screen of your Huawei device before the scan. Just click the pop-up “Allow” button on your device’s screen until it doesn’t appear again. Then return to the computer, and click “Start” on the software’s screen to start scanning the phone.


Step 4: Select file types to scan

For saving time, there will be list contents like gallery, video, messaging, contacts, etc. Just mark the items that you need to recover, of course, you can select all, and then click “Next“.


After then, you can choose to scan for “deleted files”, “all files” in Standard Mode or Advanced Mode as you need, and then click “Next“.



Step 5: Preview and recover deleted files from Huawei phone

The scanning process will take some time. After then, you can preview all recoverable contents, such as contacts, photos and text messages, but the videos are the exception. Tick off those you need and press “Recover” to save on your computer in just 1 click.


Don’t hesitate to download the best Huawei Recovery tool now.


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113 thoughts on “How to Recover Deleted Files from Huawei Android phone

  1. Denver youngblood Reply

    Please restore all my pictures that were on my texts.. Rrcieved by beth in my contacts

    • MJ Post authorReply

      You will have to purchase our Android Recovery Software and use it. If you need any assistance let me know I will be happy to assist you through Skype.

        • MJ Post authorReply

          Hey Siddique…
          You can directly click on download button and download the software.
          After installing you can purchase the license key from there.

    • malayvanh Reply

      Please help in recovering all my deleted photos

      • MJ Post authorReply

        Hi Malay,
        You will have to download this software and follow the steps listed in here to recover your photos.
        Do let me know if you need any further assistance; I would be happy to assist you.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Pankaj,
      You can try our video recovery software and when you see your lost video in the preview you can then purchase our licensed version and recover it.

  2. goguma Reply

    Hi. Yesterday i mistakenly deleted a folder of pictures that saved in internal memory of my huawei phone. How can i get back the folder?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Goguma,
      Yes you can certainly get it back. Stop using the device now and start with the recovery process right away. You can download the software from our home page.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Lutfullah,
      You can recover your lost information from your Huawei Phone for sure. Download the software and try it and if you need any assistance let me know.

  3. Lauren Reply

    I’ve no idea what to do, I accidentally deleted an album off my phone I’ve read all the above messages but I don’t know what to download the software , do I download it on my phone or computer? Please help!

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Lauren,
      You will have to download the software in your computer and then you will be requested to connect your device and it will then do the recovery process automatically.
      Good Luck

  4. Maziyar Reply

    Contacts list in my phone clean after formatted and I do not have access to my contacts as soon as possible please guide me

    I live in Iran in Shiraz city

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Maziyar,
      Download our software on your computer and follow the onscreen process. You should get your contact information back.

  5. zubaida OTHMAN Reply

    I lost my data on my huawei tab , can I restor it by this app..?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Yes you can but this is not an android app it is a software which you need to install in your computer. Do try it and it does work like a charm.
      Good Luck

  6. bharti Reply

    Is it possible to recover disappeared not deleted manually photos from ths software.. coz I lost my photos and tried everything to recover bt cnt find them

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Bharti,
      Don’t continue using your device else you will loose your data permanently. Start downloading our software and start with the recovery process right away.
      Good Luck

  7. Ayanda Reply


    I just accidentally deleted my message from my Huawei Youth Pad 2 is there a way I can restore them? Help :'(

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Ayanda,
      Yes you can recover those messages.
      Download our software and it should work.
      Good Luck

  8. Sp Reply

    Hi,is it possible to retrieve accidentally deleted messages,call logs and WhatsApp messages even though I’ve been using my for the last 6 months after the accidental deletion ( only just saw that Dr.fone existed) thank you

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Sophie,
      There are high possibility of the data getting overwritten as you have used it for nearly 6 months after deletion. You can still go ahead and try our software to check your luck.

  9. Karen Reply

    Hey i have deleted my pictures accidentally and they were not backed up, hiw can i recover them please help

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Karen,
      You can still get your data back; the deleted file is there is the system but if you continue using your device then the data can get overwrite. So download the software and start with the recovery process now.

  10. Htun Tay Zar Linn Reply

    I can’t download your software.
    I see a result that is “Download error”.
    How should I do?
    Please do help me.
    I lost my photos.

  11. Maziar Reply

    is it work after flashing the phone?
    My phone (Huawei P6) Turned off and Will not start !
    Is this software can be used to return information?
    Tnx Dear MJ

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Yes Maziar,
      This software does work efficiently on all android devices. I bet you should give it a try.

  12. CR Reply

    Hi there, I can not recovery photos with the Huawei P7-L11 android 4.4.2. I accidentally deletes my whole gallery of photos and followed the prompts with no success. I tried again and included my whatsapp files to see if it would work, the whatsapp files were recovered, but no gallery photo recovery. What can I do?

    Many Thanks

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi CR,
      Good to hear that you were able to recover your deleted whatsapp files. When was the photos from gallery got deleted?
      Did you start with the recovery process as soon as the files got deleted or you realized it after a long time?

  13. Ijaz Ahmed Reply

    Hi I am using huawei p 6 device and ha delelted all the photos received by whats up and taken by this device camera few monthsback can you please help me how to recover

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Ijaz,
      You should start with the recovery process right away.

  14. khizar Reply

    I have locked the photos in huawei p8 safe then I removed the sd card and formatted it now I have lost all the photos and videos please can you help me recoverin them…

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Khizar,
      Start with the recovery process right away and you should be able to get your data back.

  15. Jermiah Reply

    Is it workable in case of formating? i lost messages while i formated i today!

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Jermiah,
      If you have deleted it today then yes you should get your deleted messages back.

  16. Lau Reply

    Hi, my maid huawei hp was hanged and prompted to her, space full.
    i asked her to delete all those unwanted photos etc. But she has deleted almost every things including setting, now the phone cannot be used. Any way to install back the factory setting? Tks u

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Ok so your phone is almost like a bricked one; yes you can get your data back.
      Try the trial version of the software now.

  17. sadeed Reply

    Hi , I have my safe deleted on my huamwei as I was making factory reset , the safe is a way to hide files and data so I would like to know if I can restore this safe or not , thanks

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Sadeed,
      Yes you can recover all your hidden files using our software.

  18. bahjeh Reply

    I’d make all steps but on the last step when I want to pres recover, they told me that i have to pay money or buy something from Google play???
    Wt to do please help.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Bahjeh,
      This is a paid software and to recover your data you will have to pay it.

  19. jeej Reply

    Hello, I had to format my p8 phone, is it possible to get all my data back by this please?
    Thank you

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Yes Jeej,
      If you have done it today then start with the recovery process right away else the data can be easily overwritten.

  20. Detti Reply

    I lost all my photos and videos by moving it to Sd card ,what should i do ? pls help me(i have huawei p8 lite)

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Detti,
      Yes all you need is our software to recover all your photos and videos. Just download the software and start with the recovery process now.

  21. Carlos Reply

    i lost mu huawei g7 in South Africa and am in Zambia, what can i do to retrieve my photos

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Carlos,
      You can download our software and get all your data back following the online guide.

  22. Bisma Reply

    I have reset my phone 4 days ago, and all the data was deleted? could it be recovered now ??

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Bisma,
      I strongly suggest you to start with the recovery process right away as if you delay then the data can get overwritten.

  23. Aubrey Reply

    I downloaded this and I’m still having a hard time. It doesn’t have my device listed. I tried entering mine but it didn’t work.I have a huawei and it said this was listed for a huawei. More help please. Is there any more steps I have to take? Does it have to be a samsung? How can i do it with my SD card?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Aubrey,
      Really sad to know… contact me on Skype – rdominguez201.

  24. gokul Reply

    can u please help me…my phone gallery dosnt shows any images but my memory card is having lots of images.i had deleted “.no media” file as someone suggested. but no positive .can u plz….plz help me from this.
    my phone is huawei ascend g7.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Gokul,
      You already have your data in your data card so nothing to worry.
      Take down the backup from there. Regarding the issue that it doesn’t appear in your gallery. It can be a technical glitch which can be fixed.

  25. Amy Reply

    I delected a video in Huawei.
    As above mention, i need to download the software.Is it free ? if not, how can I pay the charges?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Amy,
      You can download the trial version and you will have the option to purchase the license from there.
      If you need any support then do let me know.

  26. Haider Reply

    Hey, I accidentally deleted whatsapp off my Huawei P8 lite and as a result have lost all my photos that were there in the whatsapp images folder, is there a way to recover this? Please help.

    • Hoac quang Reply

      I have one cellphone huwie G7 lo3 lost all the photo .Can you recovery back up the photo .If you can, how I contact and how you much service charge .

      • MJ Post authorReply

        Hey Hoac,
        You can easily recover all your deleted data using our software.
        If you are looking for any kinda assistance; I would be glad to assist you for free.

  27. lavanya Reply

    I evaluated lost data but Is there any possibility of recovering for free?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Lavanya,
      The trial version is to show that the software is genuine but to recover the data you will have to purchase the software.

  28. Kealeboga Reply

    Hey. I deleted a photo folder by accident , how can I get it back ?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      You will have to follow with the data retrieval process right away.
      Download the software and follow the onscreen steps to get all your data back.

  29. Tom Reply

    Hy, accidentally my phone has been system reseted, can i have all my loss photos and pictures before it were all deleted? Its important for me.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Tom,
      Just download the software and start with the recovery process now. You should get your data back.
      Let me know if you need any help.

  30. Aya Reply

    Hi,I deleted all my photos from the downloads file and I didn’t back up them anywhere.
    Can I recover them?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hey Aya,
      Yes you certainly can recover all your data; you need to follow the recovery process right away. Just download our software and start with the recovery process by following the onscreen guide. If you have any query you can always get in touch with us.

  31. Lina Reply

    Hey, I am in need of serious help. I had a lot of memories created, all stored in gallery. However by accidentally approximately 2 weeks ago I deleted everything. Literally everything. Since then I continued using my phone. Downloading apps taking pics etc. Because I didn’t know you could restore on Huawei Phones. Now I wish to restore them, is there anyway that I could? Please let me know. I was deeply saddened thinking I couldn’t.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • MJ Post authorReply

      You can restore all the data but don’t delay the process else you might loose it permanently. So download the software and start with the recovery process right away.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Brian,
      If you have lost the data recently then you can certainly get your data back.
      Just download our software and follow the onscreen guide. If you need any assistance you can always get in touch with us.

  32. Chamitha Reply

    I want to chek this shall I delete my photos and chek it? And also I want to know what Android use in Huwaei Gr5 2017?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      It should be running in the latest version of Android. Why do you want to delete your photos?

  33. rej Reply

    i would like to purchase for the license.. I accidentally delted my photos from internal memory .. pls repky asap

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Rej,
      You can directly download and purchase the license from here –
      If you have any query then you can always get in touch with us.

  34. Natalia Reply

    I installed the software, but now it says only Samsung can use the recovery option. I have a Huawei P10 lite and need to recover lost photos… please help

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Natalia,
      This software does work with device which runs on latest version of android; so it should be working in your device.
      Did you try the recovery process? Did you come across any error?

  35. Vikev Reply

    I have deleted some important sms from my huawei p8 lite is it possible to retrieve all.

    From last month

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Yes you certainly can; however do start with the recovery process right away or else you might end up loosing your data permanently. Get in touch with us if you need any support.

  36. Niraj Reply

    I have clicked some pics on Huawei GR5 2017 which is demo piece. However all picture were lost as in demo mode there was one option which erase all data after some time which I was not aware. Can these pics be restored? If yes how? Pls Help. Thanks in Advance.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Niraj,
      You can certainly get all your data back. Just download the software from here – and follow the onscreen instruction. You should get your data back; you can always get in touch with me incase of any query.

  37. Azrielle Reply

    Hi, I have huawei gr5 2016 I accidentally deleted all my pictures where my note are can you help me bring back my deleted pics pls.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Azriella,
      You can certainly get all your data back. Just download our software and follow the onscreen instruction to get all your data back. If you need any assistance you can always reach out to me.

  38. Najwa Mohamad Shariff Reply


    I accidentally deleted my photo for huawei p9. how can i recover it?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Najwa,
      You certainly can get your data back.
      Just download our software and install it in your computer.
      Then just follow the onscreen instruction you should get your data back.

  39. santina Reply

    Hi I have a Huawei nova and I had a safe file with pictures in but some how it is gone can I recover all my pictures and how realky need it back

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Santina,
      Just download our software and start with the recovery process right away; you should certainly get your data back.

  40. zahida Reply

    I have lost all my photo from my mobile more than a month ago, I tried everything to recover it but not succeed.can I recover it back more than 2000 phot?

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Zahida,
      You certainly can get your data back but since it is more than a month there are lot of chances that the data can be overwritten in that case you might loose your data permanently. So it would be better if you start with the recovery process right away. If you have any query do reach out to me.

  41. Sayuri Reply


    I really need a help. I had deleted my messages from my Huawei phone. I need to recover it. But my phone was not rooting. Please help me. This is urgent.

    • MJ Post authorReply

      Hi Sayuri,
      Did you try using the software?
      Came across any error if so Kindly get in touch with me on Skype – rdominguez201; so I can guide you.

      • Tshepo Reply

        hi please help I deleted my pictures is the a way to get them back.

  42. Calvin Reply

    Deleted my useful messages,is it possible to get them back using inbuilt Huawei tools or I must have a specific app?

  43. louise Reply

    Hi, I have a huawei P10 that is not rooted. I deleted a video today (10sec after recording it) that i want back absolutely. I tried to use the Android Recovery app but after 50% of analysis its says it cannot work. Could you help me ? do you think it can work? best

  44. Moloi Reply

    this is nonsense. you waste your data downloading a 50mb file and then you have to purchase the key. what happened to free trial? not useful at all

  45. Joselyne Reply

    Hi,kindly help me recover lost text messages and was up communication from January 2018

  46. Sarah Patton Reply

    How long should it take to recover photos? After 7 hours the computer ran out of power!

  47. ian taylor Reply

    i have accidentally deleted photo and video folders on my Huawei p8 lite 2017. I have installed the Drfone software, however it seems that Samsung phones are only compatible at present. Why is this ?
    Please help and advise.

  48. Damian van der berg Reply

    Is it possible to recover files,images,music,videos,folders that I MOVED off my huawei p9lite???I moved them to my sd card but turns out it’s corrupt and save NONE of the moved files !!!
    Please any help would be appreciated

  49. BestLinette Reply

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  50. Joselyne Aknyi Reply

    Lost text messages through formating my phone,can I find a Print out of Texts from March to Mid May

  51. Christene Reply

    Can you please help? I downloaded the app but it says only samsung phones supported for restoring my deleted messages on my Huawei, have I downloaded the wrong app?

  52. saifudheen Reply

    Is it possible to recover deleted camera videos?

  53. Nina Reply

    but i dont know how to pay i have no paypal or credit card. 🙁 can someone lend me theres? plsssss
    is there any free recovery software?

  54. Muhammad Kashif Nazir Reply

    It is not working in Huawei Nova 3i. Can you please tell me the further procedure to recover the whatsapp data from this mobile

  55. ELENA Reply

    The file management stated I only used 24% of my phone’s storage, is it normal for the scanning process to take for almost 3 hours?

  56. ELENA Reply

    Hello, I just got my Huawei P20 and accidentally deleted an important pdf file, I downloaded the software and it was going well but I’m stuck between step 4 and step 5. I only used up 24% of my phone’s storage but the software stating its gonna take 3 hours to scan my deleted files, I’ve been waiting for 30 minutes and only 2% scanning is done. Is this normal?

  57. jishu sen Reply

    At the time of scanning mobile restarted again and again. How can solve this problem?

  58. Pranav Reply

    I m using honor 5x for last almost two years.Now i lost all my photos which i have stored in safe app lock.Accidentaly it was factory out reseted.So i there any chance for the recovery.

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