How to Recover Deleted Videos from Vivo V7+?

Recording your memorable bonding times with your loved ones and friends has become a lot easier since the inception of Vivo V7 Plus on the market. The newest Vivo Mobile features an impressive 5.99-inch HD display that allows users to experience mind-blowing images and readable texts on screen.

What makes this awesome device even more attractive is its ability to display crystal-clear videos whether from the internet or copied 1080p video files on the device. Ordinary people love to create videos of their special moments, make interviews or simply watch their favorite videos using a smartphone. They even collect movies or upload some personal videos through video sharing sites and social media platforms. However, there are incidents where you could have deleted your videos due to system crash, phone malfunction, software updates and careless deletion of files.

Fortunately, there are several video recovery tools available to help users restore their lost videos fast and intact. If you are completely unaware to have deleted your precious videos, recover them quickly by using Dr. Fone Recovery Tool.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Vivo V7+?

Step 1: Dr. Fone Software Installation

Download Dr. Fone Recovery Tool and follow the easy setup guide to install the program on your computer. Make sure to download the one that is compatible with your present operating system.


Step 2: Vivo V7 Plus Connection

Turn on the USB debugging features of your device which can be found in the phone settings. Launch the software tool and connect the device straight to the computer using the USB cable. You can proceed/continue to the next step when the computer recognizes your Vivo V7 Plus.

bricked phone

Step 3: The Scanning Process

In this step, you may select your desired recovery option between standard and advanced modes. The standard mode takes a few minutes to scan your device.

scanning mode

You can select the specific video files you want to recover, however, keep in mind that the more videos you check, the longer the scanning process will take. When you’re finished selecting the files, click on the “next” button to proceed. If there are deleted videos that you could not find, consider using the advanced feature to scan your device thoroughly.

Step 4: Retrieve and Save

Dr. Fone will list all the deleted files under the video category. Click all the deleted videos you want to retrieve on the list box before proceeding to the recovery stage. Lastly, click the “Recover” button and save all the recovered videos to your output folder.

Simple Notes

Before actual operation, kindly close all running apps on your device or refrain from deleting videos. Downloading files or playing online games should be avoided to run the software more effectively. Your device should be firmly connected to the computer to avoid data corruption. Additionally, you can repeat the whole process from step 2 in case you missed out a video file.

Enjoy watching every single video clip you have in your amazing Vivo V7 Plus without worrying about accidental deletion. With Dr. Fone Recovery tool, you can easily retrieve your favorite 1080p videos with these few easy steps.

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