How to Recover Deleted Messages from LG K3 (2017)?

Choosing a budget smartphone like your LG K3 (2017) is a wise choice for everyday use when it comes to SMS, chat, phone calls, taking a photo and more. SMS or messages is the most used feature on a budget smartphone which you don’t have to worry in regards with storage data and everything else except deletion of an important message. Deletion of an important message is a stress to some for those who does not know how to recover it but be grateful since I’ll be showing you how to easily recover it by doing it on your own..


How to Recover Deleted Messages from LG K3 (2017)? 

Read First:

  • To prevent overlapping of data messages recently deleted from LG K3 (2017), just stop using it for the meantime.
  • Check if your LG K3 (2017) can sync and connect to your computer without issues.
  • Greater than 20% battery life is a must for the recovery process to be completed

First: Download and install Android Data Recovery Software (Windows / Mac) which is Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android

Using the free trial can recover your loss of data (messages) now and register after usage to recover future messages that would be probably deleted. 

Step 1: Launch the Android Recovery tool and connect using the usb cable of your LG K3 (2017) from your phone to your computer where the software is installed.

bricked phone

It is not advised to open apps while doing the recovery process to completely recover the deleted messages. So if you are expecting a text messages or what let them know ahead.

Step 2: Successful connection will then prompt you to turn on your “USB Debugging” mode on settings.

picture of usb debugging

Since your LG K3 platform is on Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) then choose or select “ For Android 4.2 or higher” as you can see on the image above then click “Next”.

scanning android

After connection just click “Next” and try to check again if your battery is above 20%.

Step 3: A list of data files will be shown for you to choose which data you are going to recover, just select  “Messaging” by clicking the small box, then click “Next”.

data recovery options

The new update feature is very convenient by selecting only the recent deleted files to narrow the search, click the radio button “scan for deleted files” of Android Data recovery tool update for a quicker recovery process.

Then at the lower right, click “NEXT” 

Step 4: It will only take a few minutes to scan the recent deleted messages.

As you can see on the left side portion you can check the list of data files that are recently deleted, just click “Messaging” to show the recently deleted messages.

By now you have recovered the deleted messages you’re looking for. To be able to recover lost messages in the future try registering instead of registering when you only need it, anyway Android data recovery tool has an affordable lifetime package so you won’t have to worry about it again and just recover right away.

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