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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. David Marchant

    Hello there,

    I liked the look of your software, so went for a buy.

    First impressions wouldn’t connect to my S6 so i used the options which worked & got my photos back (thank goodness) but why are they not the size they were when i took them ?

    So why wont phone connect & why are the photos smaller a lot smaller …?

    Regards David

  2. Jennifer

    I’m trying to recover deleted photos and text messages from my Samsung galaxy s9+ and keep getting the message that there’s no internet connection but the wifi is enabled on both my phone and the computer. How do I fix this? I retried numerous times and even moved everything close to my router.

  3. ponnuraj k

    have a nice day.I want to recover my contacts images vedios in my j7 galaxy cell phone.

  4. ponnuraj k

    I was unfartuntely delete my contacts images vedios.hence i want to recover the same.
    if you help me. please reply.

  5. Stacey Flynn

    I have rooted my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and it still won’t recover my Gallery. I have used the phone for 24 hours since it was deleted. Is there any other ways to recover that?

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