Mobile phones and tablets are considered a daily essential for everyone particularly in managing multimedia files from videos to personal notes. Each electronic gadget comes out with an assorted list of specifications that includes processors, gadget features, storage capacity and wireless capabilities. Despite all the security features found in almost all devices today, it is still inevitable to lose these personal data and stored files in a single accident. You may lose your data from smartphones and tablets through system crash, virus or even worse, accidental deletion especially when you are in a rush.


If you are consuming a lot of disk space for your videos, music tracks, and other files, you will likely encounter some smartphone and tablet issues sooner or later. You definitely need a reliable mobile data recovery app like Dr. Fone to restore all lost data on your devices either newly or earlier deleted. Dr. Fone for Android devices is an easy-to-navigate app that quickly recovers deleted information whether multimedia files or personal documents. This software supports downloaded or stored files such as:

  • Online videos and recorded videos
  • Mobile notes, documents, and reminders
  • Call history
  • Photos either downloaded or captured
  • Calendar
  • Contact lists
  • Messenger and instant messages
  • Voice memos and voicemail
  • SMS and MMS
  • WhatsApp messages


Move ahead with Dr. Fone’s remarkable features

Dr. Fone data recovery app allows Android users to create backup files once the files have been restored. This efficient software has the capacity to sort out files which allow you to select the specific files, videos and music tracks you wish to retrieve. Dr. Fone will help you organize the files by showing the file category you have selected so you can save more time. Apart from this, users have the free hand whether to retrieve the deleted files individually or recover them in batches.


Dr. Fone Android recovery tool makes it easy to transfer recovered files from one device to another, allowing you to create more copies or backup data. You can store file copies separately on mobile phones, tablets, external hard disk, and PCs. Dr. Fone for Android performs accurate data extraction which easily recovers even the oldest and overwritten files stored on your devices. Furthermore, Dr. Fone also works as a data eraser to eliminate all types of files permanently especially when you decide to sell your old device or purchase a new one.


Dr. Fone Android recovery software works as a scanner, which carefully checks all possible files to be recovered. This free-to-play software scans the following files:

  • Web videos, voice clips, and songs
  • Images were taken by your devices or deleted from the gallery
  • Mobile textbooks and documents
  • Incoming/outgoing messages, voice messages, video calls and other recorded files
  • Call log, contact details, personal emails and activity logs


How does Dr. Fone work?

Dr. Fone Android recovery tool has been proven effective on different models of mobile phones and tablets in recovering your private data without compromising mobile phone privacy and security setup. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to recover deleted files from your present devices unharmed:

  1. Installing Dr. Fone prior to actual data recovery

Once you have installed the data recovery software, launch the program and connect your available devices either tablet or smartphone using a USB cable. Make sure to activate your device’s debugging mode to synchronize it with your PC.


  1. Verifying all files to be recovered

When your device is fully synchronized with your PC, Dr. Fone will automatically detect all files previously stored/deleted from your device. Select the appropriate file category you wish to see then click “Next” to proceed.


  1. Choosing your preferred recovery program

In this step, you will be offered to select between “Standard Mode” and “Advanced Mode.” The standard option is recommended for first-time users or data recovery that only requires a quick scan. On the other hand, advanced mode is recommended if you need to scan your device thoroughly or when you still can’t locate the specific files you want to retrieve. After selecting the recovery option, click “Start” to begin the recovery process.


  1. Recovering and transferring your lost data

The scanning process of Dr. Fone will depend on the volume of files you need to recover. Remember that text messages, documents, call history, and notes are easier to retrieve than multimedia files, photos and videos. When the scanning process is completed, make a preview of each file for verification purposes then create a final listing. Click on “Recover” then transfer the recovered files to your assigned output folder. If you wish to repeat the process in case you missed out any file, return to step 2.


Dr. Fone is definitely easy to use. However, you still need to remember these important reminders. It is strongly suggested for your devices to maintain 50% battery power in order to complete the recovery process smoothly. Once the scanning process begins, you should refrain from answering calls, browsing the internet or deleting more data for better data recovery. All apps should be closed to avoid disrupting the memory scanning procedure.


System requirements prior to installation

Dr. Fone Android recovery software is fully compatible with all recent and previous versions of the Windows operating system. Before you install this data recovery app, you will need 1GB Hz Intel processor or above with at least 512MB of internal memory installed on your system. This highly intuitive software supports a wide array of Android devices from Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Honor, and Sony among others. Moreover, Dr. Fone will work efficiently from Android 2.1 to Android 8.0 without dealing too much with compatibility issues.


A trial version of Dr. Fone is available for free download if you wish to test its features and effectiveness. You can download the free version directly from the manufacturer’s website after making a subscription. When the free version gets expired, you will be offered to purchase a paid version, one-year service worth $39.95 or a lifetime version priced at $49.95. But more than the above-mentioned impressive features, the success of Dr. Fone will largely depend on the scanning accuracy and ease of software navigation, affected by the system hardware installed on both PC and external devices.


Even if smartphones and tablets have been equipped with the best Android security platforms today, they are still susceptible to mobile virus transmission and system malfunctions. It would be better to install Dr. Fone the soonest possible time to relieve yourself from data loss problems.